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Battery Events
OpenCloud is Battery’s annual summit for open-source and cloud-native software entrepreneurs creating the next generation of modern data, security & IT infrastructure companies.
​At Battery’s annual OpenCloud Summit, we bring together pioneering, cloud-native companies, entrepreneurs leading hypergrowth startups, and the next generation of promising founders and CEOs to discuss company-building in the ever evolving enterprise-IT market. 2023 speakers included CEOs and executives from companies including: Cloudflare, Databricks*, Gong*, HubSpot, Postman*, Retool, Cribl and Vercel.

Watch Dharmesh Thakker’s OpenCloud 2022 Keynote Presentation:

You can view + download the 2023 report here.
And to view more videos from past events go to our YouTube channel.
*view of full list of investments here:

OpenCloud 2021 Lightning Talks:

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